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Landon turns 9

Praise: I am thankful for the bundle of energy that God entrusted us
with 9 years ago today. God protected through a rocky pregnancy and
delivery and has continued to do so as Landon has grown from a busy baby
to an active kid. God's grace and mercy are amazing!

Please pray as we seek to rear Landon in a way that pleases God. "Only
fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider
how great things he hath done for you." I Sam. 12:24

My heart is overwhelmed with the thought that in a few minutes over 3
hours, Landon will have been living with us for 9 years. It struck me
tonight as I was trying to convince him to go to sleep (a bit excited at
the prospect of presents), that he has most likely hit the half way
mark of living in our house year-round. Wow! So many things that I still
need to teach him, that we would still like to see him accomplish and
yield to before that 18th birthday. I love my little man. He's always
full of energy. His mind is always going-trying to create a new angle on
an old story, making up new divisions of sports teams, creating a play
by play account of the games taking place in his concocted divisions,
writing words and arranging new songs. He is always talking-convincing
his siblings that they should follow along with his escapades, begging
for more food, telling all the things that happened at school. He is
always active-playing basketball (and breaking light bulbs), jumping to
touch the top of every doorway, practicing his push-ups, playing catch,
throwing a football. He is always learning-reading a new book, finding a
new series he wants, learning new facts about the presidents, learning
new facts about states, giving/getting updates on people/situations he's
been thinking about and praying for. He is frequently observant and
thoughtful-he knows what kinds of books/toys his friends like (and will
have them out and ready for them if they come to visit), he can tell you
the order of his classmates from tallest to shortest, he notices and
remembers some of the smallest details in a story. I hope, and pray,
that God will draw Landon to Himself and cause Landon to use all that
energy, love for learning, and interest in others to serve HIM!

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prayer: the two youngest boys have been having a really hard time going
to sleep at night. darren is still up. i need wisdom in knowing how to
best deal with them.

praise: so thankful for good friends!

playfulness: today auburn and i had an interesting conversation.

auburn: why do i still have to wear pigtails?
me: you look cute.
auburn: but i look so young.
me: you are young.
auburn: i look 2!
me: no you look like a first grader.

i think she is wanting to grow up too fast. =(

darren can sing the entire alphabet song. i also heard him singing the clean up song today.

played basketball with two younger boys tonight. he was very kind in
letting them stay close in score. dalton was one of the other boys. he
had some really nice shots!

owen has decided that a travel soap dish is buzz's new home or rocket ship. =)

darren has recently had a fascination with buckets

Easter pictures of the kids

penny-pinching: kids eat free at chili's tomorrow night! (two kids per adult entree)

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Prayer: A sweet lady completed her battle with cancer today and entered the presence of her much loved Lord. Please pray for the Tally family.

Praise: I am so thankful for what Christ did on the cross many years ago. Because of His sacrifice, we can come before God daily and can anticipate life with Him after death. What a blessed thought!

Playfulness: Today Auburn asked "Why do you call it 'Facebook' when it is on a computer? They should call it 'Facecomputer.'"

Dalton invited the nursery worker over to watch "Megamind" and to go to Grant's Ice Cream with us once he saves up enough money in the piggy bank. =)

Penny-Pinching: Next week, if you buy 3 Capri-Suns or Kool-aid Koolers, you will receive a print out for a free box of Nabisco Snack Packs. Great for packing lunches.

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at it again

praise: i am thankful for the sunshine pouring into my living room!

prayer: allergy season is trying to win the battle over the kids, but hasn't conquered them yet.

playfulness: dave fixed my blog...so now we can see how long i'll keep this up this time. =)

dalton and owen were just standing at the front door.
owen: it's the music truck!
dalton: it's saying "get your money out!"

dave also created a blog for landon. he is currently working on his first blog. i'll let you know when it is posted. =)

darren's big accomplishment for the day is walking backwards. he walked from the kitchen to auburn's room. the cute part was the sound that he made while doing it-he made the "uhhhhh!" sound like you would make as if you were falling, all with a smile on his face.

i'm going to try to add a deal at the end of each blog post. so, today's deal is from meijer.

crystal light on the go packets are on sale for $2 a box. a coupon came out a few weeks ago for buy 2 get 1 free. if you buy 3 packs this week, you get a coupon for a free box of wheat thins. so, for $4, you get 3 boxes of crystal light on the go packs and a box of wheat thins.


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photo albums

praise: we had wonderful weather yesterday for our trip to domino farms.

prayer: dalton seems like he might be getting sick...again.

playfulness: oh so many things to post. hopefully i'll find time to post some of the funny sayings that have been said recently. the best one has been "they were scratching my feelings!!" (by auburn) She frequently messes up sayings like this.

bunch of pictures have been taken:

"flip-book" pictures

dominos petting farm

october 31


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remodeling auburn's kitchen

praise: a free play kitchen for auburn!!!

prayer: continued health for Landon (and all of us!)


we received a free play kitchen for auburn about a month ago. we finally fixed it up today!

here are the pics!


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aug/sept pics

praise: landon is back in school this week.

prayer: wise use of time.

playfulness: check out the new pics!


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1st grade

praise: dave's mom was able to come up for the weekend.

prayer: owen's appointment today regarding his possible hernia.

playfulness: Landon loves 1st grade. the first day after school he ran around the house singing "i love first grade! i love first grade!"

here is a link to pics!

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